May 20, 2024

As most of you are aware, for the last couple of years we have had an optional rewards program in place whereby members get special perks in exchange for contributing to the group.  Those perks included:

  • Earning points for organizing or attending events, sweeping on hikes, wearing CVT attire, etc.
  • Receiving advance notice of newly posted events.
  • Getting “wait list immunity” for hikes.

The program was successful in providing funding to cover group expenses,  but it required a lot of manual tracking outside of the website.  Prior to implementing this, we used to fund the group by charging members a dollar to RSVP for events.  This had to be discontinued due to changes to the transaction fee structure on the old Meetup site.

This new website gives us a lot more flexibility in handling online payments, so what we would like to do is go back to the old system of charging a dollar per RSVP, with one notable change:  Instead of having to go through PayPal every time you RSVP for an event, you would make occasional bulk payments (any amount of $5 or more), and then apply your “Trail Bucks” toward future events.  Basically you will have your own CVT bank account!

Don’t worry, we will be keeping the most popular feature of the rewards program – the beloved points – only now, everyone will earn points for participating in group events!

More on the new points system in the next post!