April 19, 2024

CVT Phrase That Pays

Occasionally a random event may have a secret word or phrase hidden in the description.  We call it the CVT “Phrase That Pays” because it can earn you an easy 50 CVT Points!  Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up for an event.
  2. Check the event description for the Phrase that Pays.  Hint:  It may be added to the event at any time.
  3. If you find one, keep it to yourself!
  4. Try to arrive to the event early.
  5. The first person to tell the Adventure Specialist the Phrase That Pays wins the 50 CVT Points!

We won’t ask you for it – you have to blurt it out on your own!  And no looking it up on your smart phone after you get there!  In the unlikely event that multiple individuals announce the correct Phrase That Pays at the exact same moment, the person who arrived first will get the points.  In the even more unlikely event that the individuals also arrived at exactly the same time, the points will be divided evenly among them.

The CVT Phrase That Pays will be different for every event, and could be something goofy, embarrassing, topical, or nonsensical.  In addition to being a fun little icebreaker, we hope this will motivate more folks to read the event descriptions and arrive on time to events!  🙂