Cap To Cap In A Bucket

  1. KimE 11 months ago

    ACCURATE. Ready to get it done. Then we can all go to therapy together!

  2. Sonja Moore 11 months ago

    Call me weird but I’ve volunteered to do an extra leg!

  3. Annie V. 11 months ago

    Ronnie’s BBQ will make it all better! I am in for the challenge and the company, I specially enjoyed the Big Fluffy. And agreed, it’s a biker trail, requires speed to get over with. I have the 4th leg to make up, WHEN the weather is cooler. I’ll bring my dog…we’ll see about rude bikers. 😉

  4. Carole O. 11 months ago

    Good article Lori! I am sorry I missed the last hike so now, to protect my integrity I MUST make it up! Unlike other hikes the Cap to Cap is an obsession!!

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