Cap To Cap In A Bucket

  1. KimE 8 months ago

    ACCURATE. Ready to get it done. Then we can all go to therapy together!

  2. Sonja 8 months ago

    Call me weird but I’ve volunteered to do an extra leg!

  3. AnnieV 8 months ago

    Ronnie’s BBQ will make it all better! I am in for the challenge and the company, I specially enjoyed the Big Fluffy. And agreed, it’s a biker trail, requires speed to get over with. I have the 4th leg to make up, WHEN the weather is cooler. I’ll bring my dog…we’ll see about rude bikers. 😉

  4. Carole O. 8 months ago

    Good article Lori! I am sorry I missed the last hike so now, to protect my integrity I MUST make it up! Unlike other hikes the Cap to Cap is an obsession!!

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