April 12, 2024

Lori participated in this year’s CVT Cap to Cap Challenge, a series of day hikes along the Virginia Capital Trail beginning in Richmond and continuing east to Williamsburg.  Lori shares her brutally honest review of the Challenge…thanks Lori!

Cap to Cap Hikes!!!!  Yay!!…er um, no…. I’m lacking anything positive to say about this hike series…other than I DID IT!

Bucket list?  CHECK!.

I, personally, can’t even say that because there’s still 10 miles to go and I missed the first 10 miles of the series which included Ronnie’s BBQ.  It was that first missed BBQ leg of the hike and the wonderful pictures that roped me in; and, like an addiction, once you start you have to finish.  Apparently, the first leg had some scenery to offer but from there on, there was nothing to see.  Hence, the lack of pictures.

As we trudged along the black pavement apologizing to our feet, rude cyclists buzzed by, reminding us whose territory we had invaded.   We did get plenty of exercise and shared the misery with great company.  I don’t think I’m alone in stating that, no one will want to do this again.

Mountain hikes of the same distance are a cakewalk compared to the lack of stimulation offered on the cap trail. Destination driven as we were, to end the punishment as soon as possible, we never stopped to even consider breaking for lunch.  We sought only to reach the end towards a well-chosen restaurant and dine the drudgery away.

4 thoughts on “Cap To Cap In A Bucket

  1. Ronnie’s BBQ will make it all better! I am in for the challenge and the company, I specially enjoyed the Big Fluffy. And agreed, it’s a biker trail, requires speed to get over with. I have the 4th leg to make up, WHEN the weather is cooler. I’ll bring my dog…we’ll see about rude bikers. 😉

  2. Good article Lori! I am sorry I missed the last hike so now, to protect my integrity I MUST make it up! Unlike other hikes the Cap to Cap is an obsession!!

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