April 12, 2024

Just a reminder that we don’t send an email announcement every time a new event is added to our calendar.  Be sure to check our website and Facebook page often!  Here are the two latest additions:

  • Nan is hosting a trip to scenic Sky Meadows State Park on Saturday, July 29th. She’ll be leading the 7-mile hike outlined on HikingUpward.com. Thanks Nan!
  • Join Kim for her 147th attempt to kayak with dolphins in Virginia Beach! This is a guided tour – space is limited, and you must register with the outfitter.  Thanks Kim!

Sonja and Zi are tied for first place in the CVT member referral contest. Whoever gets the most new members to sign up before July 1st gets a $25 gift certificate to L.L. Bean!

One of the new features of the website is a blog. So far I have only been using it for announcements like this, but it could also be a great place for all of you to share memories of your favorite CVT (or non-CVT) adventures…sort of a group travel journal. I know we have some good writers here…if you would be interested in submitting a post (or series of posts), please let us know!