May 23, 2024

Are we all tired of that phrase now??

No doubt many of you are struggling with the side effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. Fortunately, hiking is one of the few activities that is still safe…but based on recommendations from public health officials, we’ll have to make a few adjustments to how we go about hitting the trail.

First, upcoming indoor events and out-of-town day hikes will need to be postponed. Why out-of-town day hikes?? Because they usually involve carpooling, pit stops at busy convenience stores, and optional post-hike stops at restaurants and wineries. We can avoid the post-hike stops, but we should also be sensitive to the environmental impact of having everyone drive separately to a trailhead an hour or two from Richmond.

Of course we have plenty of great hiking options throughout the Richmond area, so we can keep it local and still get in some trail time! Our popular weekly Sunset Hikes will continue (strictly limited to 10 people). For those of you wanting a bit more of a workout, the setting for this Saturday’s hike will be moved from the Rivanna Trail in Charlottesville to Pocahontas State Park in nearby Chesterfield to eliminate the need for carpooling. We also have a “Sundays on the James” hike in downtown RVA coming up one week from this Sunday.

So come on out and get some fresh air! If you do join us, just exercise a little common sense…no hugs or handshakes, keep a respectable distance from fellow Trailblazers, and if you’re sick (or have been around other sickos), please cancel your RSVP and stay home. And wash your filthy hands!!! 🙂

All of this is subject to change, of course, and we will continue to make adjustments to the calendar as the situation warrants. Hopefully things will settle down soon. In the meantime, stay safe, and keep your toilet paper locked up!