May 20, 2024

In preparation for the big grand opening of CVT 2.0, I’m planning on doing a few things this evening:

  1. Back up the site.
  2. Remove all the “test” members (Chynna Phillips, Antawn, and those other guys whose names I swear I didn’t make up).
  3. Remove everyone’s CVT Points and/or Trail Bucks.  (I don’t think anybody has bought any real Trail Bucks, but if you did, let me know!)  You’ll get your real points from the Meetup site when we get closer to 4/1.  I’ll also give a few complimentary Trail Bucks to those of you who came to the meetings and helped me test the site – thank you!
  4. Update the site to use our official address,  So the “dreamhosters” thing will go away.  I haven’t announced the new site to everyone yet, but I think most people probably have the Meetup site bookmarked anyway.
  5. Update all the hyperlinks on the site (I have a plugin that should do this automatically).

I’m planning to start on this at around 7pm tonight.  Hopefully things will go smoothly and there won’t be any major interruptions.  Then later tonight, you can look for us at!

This will get us a step closer to going live with the new site, which I hope to announce later this week!